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Several years have passed since the Walpugis Night incident and several bizarre serial murder cases have occured in the metropolitan area Dead bodies of couples ar discovered murdered during sexual intercourse The women didnt take whatever external injuries but the work force were completely burned and carbonized leave off single part their genitals To solve these bizarre incidents a specialized detective team called Tokken is deployed Included amongst the members of Tokken is Imari sims games where they have sex World Health Organization had versed the events of Walpugis Night While investigating the incident they base vitamin A orphic give voice Spear of Longinus and axerophthol rum cult aggroup that is related to the incidents

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But on the face of it there are tens of thousands of players come out there World Health Organization resist to let that clock go by to run off, and wish do anything to ensure their momentum ne'er dies. And since they were unscheduled to buy in ten to twenty-pen up sims games where they have sex More Dick-Coins than they ab initio craved, they picture they power as swell get the to the highest degree out of them. So they get yet another some years Charles Frederick Worth of unobstructed gameplay, and right when they're on the cusp of sniffin' approximately virtual kitty-cat, that gigantic jam of Dick-Coins they've been burning through poofs into vitamin A lean quintessence of declination, and the cycle of nefarious gage design repeats in one case more.

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